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Contact us via telephone at 205.705.3400, email at, or fill your basic contact info to begin the process of selling your house!

Alabama Cash Deals | We Buy Houses Alabama

No-hassle phone conversation to discuss your best options.

This is typically a 15-20 minute conversation that allows us to fully understand the property and what your needs/goals are. We are not just home buyers. We really and truly want to do what’s best for you. We want to be able to offer you options so you don’t feel like your back is against the wall with a take-it-or-leave-it offer. We will, however, make you a “soft” offer on the phone based on the information that you provide. So if you tell us that the roof is brand new, but we get out there and see that it’s leaking, our offer will change. So be as up front as possible, and we will too!

Alabama Cash Deals | We Buy Houses Alabama

In-person meeting/viewing of the house.

We will come out to your house and thoroughly inspect it and make you a hard offer on the spot with the intention of buying your home at that price. If we sign a contract to purchase your house, there are usually just two contingencies in our contract. First, we MUST get a clean title on the property, or we cannot buy it. So we will order the title immediately upon signing a contract. Secondly, we typically write in a seven-day inspection period. We will get a professional inspection done to your house, at our cost, and try to have it done in just a few days. If we find something in the inspection that we did not anticipate, we will come back and either renegotiate or completely terminate the contract. The great thing about using us is that you won’t have to wait around for weeks to know if we are actually going to close. You will know in seven days or less!


Closing. We allow you to pick the date of your choice, assuming there are no holdups with the title. At closing, we pay all attorney’s fees (if you allow us to use our attorney) and other fees. We ask that you split the title costs with us and pay your prorated property taxes. That’s it! You are now free of all the stress that comes with selling a house!